The Underworld Survey
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What Players Do You Play On The Underworld
How did you find out about us?
How many hours a week do you estimate you play on the Underworld?


Do you prefer single class or multi-classed characters? Single
What is your favorite class to play and why?
Do you feel that the classes are balanced? What can be done to even them out? (please explain answers)


What are your favorite skills/spells and why
What skills/spells need to be improved? Why/how?
What skills/spells would you like to see added and for which classes?


Do you have any characters in clans?
Which clans?
Are the clan leaders available regularly? Yes
Is/are the clan(s) functioning well? Yes
What could be improved for clans?


What are your favorite areas? Why?
What kinds of areas would you like to see written?
What types of objects would you like to see added to the mud?
What new types of mobs would you like to see added?
What special things should the mobs do?


How many quests do you participate in during an average week?
What is your favorite type of quest?
What are your suggestions for quests to be run?
What kinds of prizes would you like to get for winning?


What things do you find most irritating about the Underworld?
How can we fix them?
What suggestions do you have to improve playing here?